Shading system

With a desire to ease and perfect cultivation of variety of greenhouse cultures nowadays curtain systems are regarded as a standard instrument technology.

Curtain systems (Shading, thermal screening, shadowing) can be mounted horizontally and vertically – on the walls, roof, rain pipes, between structural frame posts. Moreover, in one greenhouse there can be installed several types of curtains which will contribute different effects on the cultivated cultures.

We offer to our customers’ demand several types of greenhouse curtains which are offered accordingly to the cultures that are cultivated in the greenhouse.

Darkening effect

GGP system which gives darkening effect lets to control light and darkening effect in the greenhouse. For that reason the plants which demand shorter day light may receive darkening effect, which lets to grow plans during all seasons of the year. We can guaranty 99.9% darkening effect which implements best results even for the most sensitive plants to the daylight. This type of curtains is bipartite, one of which darkens and the other layer isolates and reflects sunlight. With this effect 75% of the heat is constrained inside the greenhouse and differently from coating of black plastic, there is no need to worry about the temperature discrepancies in the greenhouse.

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